Elizabeth K.

Alex massaged me each week for several months. I had suffered from a badly sprained ankle back in December of 2012, which had mostly healed and was now just a distant memory. That was until Alex tried some new leg strokes on my lower legs. For several weeks I had odd pains in my calf, ankle and foot, and came to realise that my sprain had never fully healed for lack of attention paid to it. Luckily, Alex continued supporting my healing process with weekly massages and before long I felt the entire sprain unwind out of my foot completely. It was a relief to realise that my healing process had been completed by way of massage.


My ski-injured shoulder has responded fantastically to your various different massage techniques. I was particularly impressed that you always had a new technique to offer and try.

Now I have so much more flexibility and mobility! Before we started the sessions I had great difficulty resting my head with my hands under the nape of my neck. I have not been able to do this for about three years since I had my ski tumble. The best news is I have booked a ski trip for next year as I feel so much more confident with my shoulder. Thank you so much for all your help.


After eight craniosacral sessions with Alexander Fenn, I have experienced many shifts in my emotional, physical state with profound effects both from having my sessions towards resolving issues in myself and life.  Sleep patterns becoming more stable and finding it easier to sleep in my bed.


After session one of craniosacral I slept really well and have definitely noticed a positive difference and my stomach has been so much better!

After session two I was really tired straight after but my back pain felt like it had subsided a lot the following day and has only really started aching a tiny bit today since then. My stomach has also felt better generally! Definitely could tell that there was a difference!

Soon after Session 3 I had found it easier to cope with stress. 


There was a definite improvement in the pain experienced in my arms and wrists following my massages with Alex. My arms are a lot better now and especially in the days right after I saw him it was a lot better. Thanks very much for the help! Also it was good to have a massage each week as sitting in an office chair is really bad for my posture anyway – so, I think the rest of the stuff Alex did, not just on my arms, was really helpful as well.


I have a short history of back spasms which coincided with contracting septicaemia during March 2011. I suspect my back issue has come from many years of playing sport, including cricket where I am a pace bowler so have, at certain times in my life, put my back under abnormal pressure.

Since the initial episode of my back spasms back in 2011, which had me bedridden for three days and out of work for a week, I have often woken with a stiff back but only required treatment a couple of times since and during this period, and never lost work again.

I have seen Alex three times now, during October and November. Immediately after the massage my back was sore for the first couple of hours, then it greatly improved. I must note that I requested Alex to massage deeply, hence the soreness.

Unfortunately, prior to my third massage from Alex, my back went into spasm. However, Alex was able to speed up my recovery. After walking into his apartment with a bent back, I was able to walk out with a straightened back. I intend to see Alex again and do think that his treatment has assisted my back.



Thank you for my massage treatments. Initially painful after each treatment the next day, but I was able to walk better and had improved movement in my lower back. I’m now having acupuncture treatment also, but, as agreed by the consultant, it would be beneficial to continue the massage as well.

Elizabeth H.

I have a short history of intense upper back pain. The pain period had started about a year ago and I had consulted an osteopath, physiotherapist and chiropractor to find out what was wrong. The conclusion was that the cause of the pain was possibly coming from working and sitting long hours at my desk with the wrong posture. So, as well as my treatment, I had the opportunity to consult Alex and he gave me, on a weekly basis, a deep tissue massage on the entire body, with the main focus on my upper body.

I always felt great after each massage session and my headaches and stiffness occurred less.

I intend to see Alex again and think the treatment has assisted my back and entire body by loosening knots and helping the blood circulation flow.

Further I would like to mention that: the overall atmosphere, cleanliness, and quality of the facility was professional and relaxing; Alex was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional; Alex consulted with me about the type of massage I wanted to receive, the degree of the pressure I enjoy, and the areas of my body where I wanted him to focus. My therapist asked about the pressure of the strokes used during my treatments and Alex was able to adjust his massage according to my progress, The draping, positioning with bolsters, lighting, music, and my overall warmth and comfort were attended to. The massage stroke felt flowing, confident and appropriate to my needs.


I enjoyed the massages and I believe it’s beneficial for my stiff shoulders and calves. Plus, I felt much better of course: not such stiff legs and shoulders…